Friday, June 7, 2013


Hello hello!! Happy summer to you all! The past couple of months have been soo crazy around here. I've had one baby graduate highschool...and one baby graduate preschool!! heart is full.. So excited for summer to be here. I now do not have to worry about my older sons schedule, because he has a job and a car and a life...which I am less and less apart of, it seems...Friends are his priority now. But, that does free up time for my little it works out I guess. I'm hoping to finish some projects and post the ones that I have finished to my blog soon. AND.... My husband surprised me with a new laptop...we got one as a graduation gift for my son and he picked one up for me as well...So, I can work on my blog, with out the frustration of having to use my 100 year old computer. Till next time! Feli