Friday, June 7, 2013


Hello hello!! Happy summer to you all! The past couple of months have been soo crazy around here. I've had one baby graduate highschool...and one baby graduate preschool!! heart is full.. So excited for summer to be here. I now do not have to worry about my older sons schedule, because he has a job and a car and a life...which I am less and less apart of, it seems...Friends are his priority now. But, that does free up time for my little it works out I guess. I'm hoping to finish some projects and post the ones that I have finished to my blog soon. AND.... My husband surprised me with a new laptop...we got one as a graduation gift for my son and he picked one up for me as well...So, I can work on my blog, with out the frustration of having to use my 100 year old computer. Till next time! Feli

Monday, May 20, 2013

Get It Together!

Oh my poor little blog...I have neglected you so.. I really have no idea how other mommy bloggers get anything done..Let me rephrase, I have no idea how any SAHM's get any blogging done. I have two little ones, 5 and 20 months old, and I absolutely do not find time to sit and figure out how this whole blog thing works. I have so much to share and I find myself thinking, " oh this would be great material for my blog" ..and by the end of the day, I have forgotten about it or I am just too tired to sit down and write. I see all these great link parties that I would like to participate in, but I haven't the faintest idea how to link up. Not to mention my computer is a P.O.S! half the time it works, half the time it doesn't. I am always baking or cooking something beautiful and I would love to share it on my blog...but who has time to stop and photograph while you are trying to get dinner or breakfast on the table?? HOW DO YOU DO IT?? lol...Is there a schedule that you keep? Do you have a sitter at home while you work? Do you send the kiddos to MDO? Don't get me started on Pinterest or Twitter...whats that?? I love Pinterest...on it all the time...but this Twitter thing??? I feel so silly tweeting..thinking to myself "does anyone care?" And goodness do you get your blog seen? How do you get people to follow you? I feel like I'm basically talking to myself...which is strangely not an unusual thing..oh my.. anyone out there??

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Monday!

Soooo I bought a couple of cheap mugs at the HEB yesterday...because they were too cute, and I used  one this morning. I usually have to heat my coffee at least once before I even drink it, because I can never sit to enjoy it as soon as I pour it. So I popped it into the microwave (making sure it was microwave safe first) for 30 seconds....I go to pull it out and OUCH!!! I burned my middle finger on my right hand...leaving me totally unable to do anything for the rest of the entire day..:)
I wanted to throw them in the trash I was so mad...but that would be throwing out six bucks and six bucks is six bucks. So I came up with a solution so that I would never burn myself using them again...

Yup, that will remind me NOT to microwave, and I can keep this cheap, cute mug.