Thursday, July 26, 2012

Proper introduction

Well since I have all this time now ( being that I'm in an airport, waiting over two more hours for my flight )I can talk more about myself and my family. This is going to be a long post.. You already know my name, and that I am a stay at home momma. I have four boys, 18, 16, 4, and ten months old. I have been married once before, at a very young age, 18, and I had my first child at an even younger age, 16! His name is Jay. Yes I was a teen mother, and it wasn't easy. We married shortly after my second son Julian, was born. I liked being married very much, I think I am just the marrying kind, if there is such a kind..hopeless romantic and believer in love, and that it indeed makes the world go round.. Call me corny, or foolish, whatever you please.. But, it was not to last, we both grew up and apart..we separated in 2002 after almost 10 years together. I was single for a short while and I had tons of fun, dated here and there. Then I met my husband Rey in 2004. We bought a house in 2006, and had our son, little Rey, in 2007. He is my husbands first child and he is king of the house.. We finally got married in September of 2010! We immediately started trying for another baby, and it took us a few months but, we were blessed with our Luke in September 2011. I have not worked since Rey was born, and I'm very grateful that I can be at home with my kids. My oldest son just graduated from high school this past May, and my heart swelled with pride and happiness when I watched him walk across that stage. It was a small accomplishment for myself as a parent, and an even bigger one for him. He raised me almost as much as I raised him. I get to it all again this coming school year, God willing. So there you have it, thats a huge part of who I am...I'm a mom and and a wife..I try the best I can to take care of everyone, and I often feel that I can do better, and I want to do better. Till next time! :)

My luck :(

Well today has not been my day to say the least...I am on my way to California to meet my husband for the weekend, and it was way too hard leaving the kids. I left on time, and cried most of the way to the airport..then I am about 10 minutes from there and I get a text that my flight has been delayed...ok..I go back home, because I had a few hours to kill.. I get to the airport, again, and park and proceed to check in..the man looked at me puzzled, and asks " exactly what time did you think your plane was supposed to leave" :/ " 2:30 sir"..." ma'am I'm sorry but it ended up leaving on time" &@$;$:;:;):$/&!:!!!!is all I can think...and my heart sinks. Long story short, I am waiting to catch a 6:40 pm flight that will put me there t 8:45.. And to make matters worse, I didn't bring all my breast pump attachments. They are usually kept in the backpack that the pump is in! That way, I don't lose am I gonna do now..the hubs is really gonna be irritated..I'll die if I dry up..gotta stop, starting to cry in front of complete strangers..I am really feeling as if I should have stayed home :(

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My getaway

Sooo I'm heading out to California tomorrow and this will be the first time I have left my ten month old son and my four year old will be upset at my leaving.I'm having tremendous anxiety about it. This is a very short trip but still, I'm missing them already. Just trying to stay focused on the fact that I'm going to meet my husband for a couple of days..and we will be alone ;D. I am excited for that...

Hello there!

Hi, good morning all! So being new to this blogging thing, I have no idea what direction this will go...I'm not a fantastic DIY-er, nor am I an overly organized person ( although it is a fantasy of mine to become one ) and I don't have all that much to offer in the way of advice on how to be all of these great things....but by no means is my life dull...boring at times, yes, but never enjoy!