Thursday, July 26, 2012

My luck :(

Well today has not been my day to say the least...I am on my way to California to meet my husband for the weekend, and it was way too hard leaving the kids. I left on time, and cried most of the way to the airport..then I am about 10 minutes from there and I get a text that my flight has been delayed...ok..I go back home, because I had a few hours to kill.. I get to the airport, again, and park and proceed to check in..the man looked at me puzzled, and asks " exactly what time did you think your plane was supposed to leave" :/ " 2:30 sir"..." ma'am I'm sorry but it ended up leaving on time" &@$;$:;:;):$/&!:!!!!is all I can think...and my heart sinks. Long story short, I am waiting to catch a 6:40 pm flight that will put me there t 8:45.. And to make matters worse, I didn't bring all my breast pump attachments. They are usually kept in the backpack that the pump is in! That way, I don't lose am I gonna do now..the hubs is really gonna be irritated..I'll die if I dry up..gotta stop, starting to cry in front of complete strangers..I am really feeling as if I should have stayed home :(

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