Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peace out September!

Hello hello hello!!!
This month has been challenging for one  reason or another, not really been in the mood..
Blame it on the age old lesson " if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"
And so I haven't...but I feel as if I'm going to explode! Exploding no es bueno. So, here goes:
Finally weaned Luke...much harder on me emotionally than I thought it would be...
Luke turned one year old, and the husband and I couldn't come to an agreement on a party...I wanted one, he didn't really want to participate
Scheduled the party, only to have it rained out
Trying to lose weight...for real this time, down 8 lbs :)
Things are tight...clothes and money...hahaha
I am lonely during the week, but then my husband drives me crazy when he's here..
And the number one reason September can kiss my butt...
and has yet to make it up to us..
Blame it on his takes a lot from him.
So now that I'm over it all, I can have my Lukies party, and get excited about my favorite holiday...Halloween!!
Love to you all
Feli :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012


My baby started a mothers day out program at church this week and I am beyond proud of how he handled his first day. Anyone who know us will understand. My son and I are homies...
I have been at home with him for his whole life ( except when I got a job at a daycare for not even a year, and he went there too) and we are inseparable. I always joke that I don't know who's separation anxiety is worse, his or mine..probably mine :)
I knew he was ready to be with friends. He's a big brother now, and he's stepped into that role very surprisingly, never being jealous of Luke or the attention he requires. Yup, that's my baby..he's a big boy now.

I wanted to do this with our chalkboard, just like I've seen on Pinterest, but COULD NOT FIND THE CHALK!! It was where I left it, of all places :/