Thursday, September 6, 2012


My baby started a mothers day out program at church this week and I am beyond proud of how he handled his first day. Anyone who know us will understand. My son and I are homies...
I have been at home with him for his whole life ( except when I got a job at a daycare for not even a year, and he went there too) and we are inseparable. I always joke that I don't know who's separation anxiety is worse, his or mine..probably mine :)
I knew he was ready to be with friends. He's a big brother now, and he's stepped into that role very surprisingly, never being jealous of Luke or the attention he requires. Yup, that's my baby..he's a big boy now.

I wanted to do this with our chalkboard, just like I've seen on Pinterest, but COULD NOT FIND THE CHALK!! It was where I left it, of all places :/

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