Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hi guys! Hope all is well :) well last week, I started putting together my coupon binder to try and save some money at the grocery store. I had been saving up my coupons to be able to put my binder together. This is what started out like:

It was a mess. It took me most of the day to clip the coupons, and to categorize my binder. I made labels and put the coupons in baseball card holders. It looked pretty good for my first binder.

Anywhooo, I made a weekly menu, made my grocery list and headed out. And do you know what I saved??

Yea...10 stinkin dollars. Turns out that it's hard to find coupons for 'real' food. :/ I buy tons of produce, and not very much processed stuff, and its expensive. No matter how you try and go around it. I know I can definitely save on the household items like toilet paper, paper goods and cleaning products, so rather than get discouraged, I am going to just have to remember to use my coupons for that, and if I come across good coupons for 'real' food, I'm going to stock up.
Or maybe I should look for a couponing 101 class..or couponing for there such a thing?
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veronice said...

keep it up! you are doing great and will just get better! LOVE YOU!

christina said...

i am officially following you!! eddie and i cracked up with your coupon it!! thanks for the grocery list and dinner ideas!!

christina said...

i am officially following you!! eddie and i cracked up with your coupon it!! thanks for the grocery list and dinner ideas!!

FeliB said...

Thanks husband wasn't laughing at all when he saw the fruits of my labor...but, he did say " oh almost 11 bucks..that's good babe, hey it's something" that's my husband. The glass half full kind of guy :) Then he said, take it easy this week..meaning don't spend any more money!

Maggie said...

Couponing can be real fun and almost addicting. I have a binder just like that and my most successful trips were to CVS and Walgreens for household items. To get the best deal for groceries, and you are correct, buying produce there is not much of savings, but anyway you can do price comparison to Walmart for everything but your produce. Also, there are several websites you can follow for good deals at Target, Walgreens and CVS. Now that Christmas is right around the corner, would be a good time to find some sites that you like because of your needs with your families. You can really save money if you plan to shop. Love you and thanks for sharing. I too would like a copy of your meal plan and grocery list. I get tired of cooking the same things over and always looking for a new recipe.

OMG! I cannot match the code letter/ numbers below!!! 6th time to try.

marivel garza said...

Feli, $10 a week $40 a month and that's $480 a year! Awesome! I agree with Maggie, cvs is awesome for couponing!

FeliB said...

You know what sister, you are absolutely right :) thanks for reminding me of the positive.. love ya