Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm back!

It's been a while, I know....I finally got back from California and my traveling experience was AWFUL! Not gonna get into that, but we had a great time, no great pics, because our camera absoulutely sucks...but anywhoo...
 I have figured out why I get nothing done around here...first it was Facebook, way back when it was it's pinterest...damn. Not to mention I feel sooo incompetent as a mother/wife/ woman when I see all the fabulous DIY-ers and awesome stay at home moms with their great ideas and clever tips and tricks...and the home decor...ohhh the home decor...forget about's true...I suck! I want so badly to be a little like any of these women...
So what am I gonna do about it??? Well, I'm going to pick doable projects, one at a time, and try them...first, I'm going to try the Husband Project, that I saw over at Joyful Mothering. I figure why not...I love my husband and this is a great way to show him and see if things can be a little better. I mean, come on, kids somehow put a kink in things, you get busy with everyday life, and love connections get put on the back wish me luck!

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